Fiesta cellular offer below plans from the following companies:

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    G Smart Mobile

  • H2O

  • Ultra

  • Simple Mobile

  • Get your Lyca prepaid plan from Fiesta Cellular


  • Get your "Easy Go"  prepaid plan from fiesta cellular today!

    Easy Go


Prepaid plan retailers in Dallas Metroplex

Prepaid phone plan services are getting more popular among the people who got tired of having the shackle of carriers. Mainstream companies are feeling that as well. Therefore, all of them having some sort of prepaid services. You pay as you go. No one tells you what to do!!!

Here are few companies that you can buy a service plan from

Ultra-mobile, Lyca mobile, H2O, Simple mobile, Net10, Tracfone, Total wireless, Boost, Cricket, MetroPCS and others.

So, what are the advantages of having prepaid plans:
  • No Contracts
  • Change data plans as you need
  • Start of stop the services
  • No one pull your credit checks
  • Less billing hassles
  • Less than five minutes to start a plan
  • Very less personal information required
Why Fiesta Cellular to buy a Prepaid plan:
  • Free Activation for the plan
  • Free Sim card
  • Free Setup
Why Ultra mobile:
  • Offer very affordable plan
  • 4G LTE technology
  • Excellent customer service for retailers and consumer
  • Excellent International plans

Consumers who are just looking for a good service provider then look no further than Fiesta Cellular and Ultra mobile. Fiesta Cellular is more than just cell phone store. We have huge collection of cell phone accessories at an affordable price. Our phones are factory unlock and clean. They are never blacklisted stolen, financed, unpaid bills or used in crime. So, when you buy a phone from us, you can be assured that you are getting best used phone which works fine with your Ultra mobile plan.

BTW, Fiesta Cellular offers:
  • Free cases
  • Free Setup
  • Free screen protector

When you buy a phone, which is $100 or more. Fiesta Cellular conveniently located at 14500 N Josey lane, Farmers Branch, TX 75234.

You can also visit us at or call us: 469 253 4800